Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise is manufacturing two types of products : Premium and Diamond briquettes. They are made in Cambodia from recycled biomass wastes, mostly coconut, and can burn longer than traditional wood charcoal, with no sparks, no smell and no smoke. And they don’t even stain your fingers!

Their tubular shape provides better heating properties compared with traditional charcoal, and is perfectly adapted to cookstoves and barbecues. With SGFE charbriquettes, you can enjoy a standardized and high quality charcoal for your cooking or heating needs all year.

Premium Charbriquettes:

These briquettes are made of biomass waste and charcoal residue from local energy generation. They are 100% recycled and can burn 2 hours.

Diamond Charbriquettes:

The highest quality charbriquettes in Cambodia, can burn for up to 5 hours and made from recycled coconut shell and as a result have a high calorific value, high density and minimum ash content.


SGFE charbriquette manufacturing begins with the collection of organic waste in and around Phnom Penh through a network of dedicated suppliers. After drying and sifting coconuts and other raw materials, they are efficiently carbonized, crushed and mixed, then shaped into a convenient and efficient size, and finally dried to guarantee high performance.

At each step of the process, efficiency is a key factor. Thus, efficient combustion of the organic waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and additional heat from the process is captured and reused to dry the charbriquettes. These measures result in high energy efficiency throughout the production process.

Diamond charbriquettes can be found in Cambodia in Lucky Supermarkets, Tela Gas Stations mini marts, Phnom Penh marts, Master marts and some shops. Premium charbriquettes can be found in many retailers shop of the capital city, mostly in the markets.

For more information about our product and process, please write to us via the contact page

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