SGFE (Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise) was created in 2008 with the aim of alleviating poverty and reducing deforestation in Cambodia, as well as improving waste management in urban areas, by developing a local economic activity: manufacturing charcoal using organic waste.

As illegally harvested wood charcoal is the main source of energy for domestic cooking in urban areas of Cambodia, more than 200 tons of it are brought into Phnom Penh every day, resulting in thousands of hectares of natural forest being devastated every year. To address this national issue, SGFE has developed a clean and sustainable energy solution that offers a bright future for Cambodian fuel consumption.


Combining modern processing with innovative technology, SGFE is manufacturing high quality and sustainable alternative to wood charcoal: charbriquettes, made of organic waste.

Currently SGFE specializes in 2 types of charbriquettes: Diamond Charbriquettes and Premium Charbriquettes.

Both briquettes comply with EU NF 1860-2, the international standard for charcoal briquettes. Furthermore, the production process has been modified to be as energy efficient as possible: the kilns used to carbonize the coconut and biomass ensure efficient combustion, reducing the emission of harmful gases and air pollution; and, the energy generated by the carbonization process is recovered and used to increase efficiency.


SGFE’s first concern is to implement a viable economic activity in order to improve the living conditions of some of the extremely poor families supported by Pour un Sourire d’Enfant organization Those families, who used to make a living by waste-picking on the main landfill of Phnom Penh, lost their only means of income with the removal of the landfill in 2009. Without education and job training, these people face a bleak future. SGFE and PSE work together to provide job and life skills training to the employees.

As a real social business, Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise’s profits are reinvested into the company’s assets and fairly distributed among the employees to maximize the social impact.

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